Capital Murder Defense

No one needs to tell you that capital murder charges in Florida are the most serious criminal charges one can face. Your choice of a Tampa capital murder defense attorney may be the most important decision you’ll ever make. It is absolutely essential that you retain a Florida capital crimes attorney who has extensive experience handling capital murder cases in Florida’s state and federal courts.

Our Florida Capital Murder Defense Experience and Philosophy

Bjorn Brunvand – a Florida Board Certified Criminal Attorney – has represented Floridians charged with murder in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. The Law Offices of Bjorn Brunvand have cultivated solid relationships with the nation’s finest private investigators, forensic experts and technology professionals in order to create an impeccable capital murder defense team in each case.

Experience and skill are the key attributes of any good Tampa criminal defense attorney.  For two decades, those charged with capital murder in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco and Charlotte Counties have relied on Bjorn Brunvand’s keen understanding of the legal issues related to capital murder, Florida law enforcement, and local courts.

Our firm takes on challenging cases and strives to present the best case possible for every client. You can count on the Law Offices of Bjorn Brunvand for exceptional representation in homicide cases.

When Should I Call a Capital Murder Defense Attorney?

If you know you are a suspect in a Tampa Bay area murder case or if you have been arrested on homicide charges, you should contact a Tampa capital murder defense attorney immediately. An arrest or the belief that you may be arrested will likely cause overwhelming anxiety and an ever-changing variety of emotions including sadness, fear, anger and confusion. This is not a good state of mind with which to sit down with law enforcement investigators for an interview.

The Law Offices of Bjorn Brunvand have extensive experience in dealing with law enforcement in Tampa homicide cases. It is in your best interest to retain an experienced Tampa capital murder defense attorney to intervene and assist you in any communications between you and the police. Our aggressive representation of you can, and should, begin even before an arrest is made.

Early assistance by an experienced homicide defense attorney will help build the best case possible for you. Just as law enforcement investigates and builds a case against you, we will investigate. Private investigators, often former law enforcement themselves, will locate potential witnesses and preserve their statements before their memories fade. As capital murder cases in the Tampa Bay area often take at least a year to reach trial, contemporaneous interviews can be extremely helpful to a tenacious defense.

What are the Potential Outcomes of My Capital Murder Case?

There are several different potential outcomes of a capital murder case. In the best case scenario, the case would go to trial and jury would find you not guilty of all charges. Or the judge could dismiss the case due to the prosecution’s failure to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Or the jury could return a guilty verdict on a lesser charge, instead of on the capital murder charge.

The jury could also find you guilty of the capital murder charge. If a guilty verdict is returned in a first degree murder case and the prosecution requests the death penalty, there will be a separate phase of trial in which both the prosecutor and the defense will argue and present evidence in support of or against the death penalty. Your capital murder defense attorney will have the opportunity present evidence and witnesses to convince a jury to impose a prison sentence instead of the death sentence.

If a guilty verdict is returned, you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision. An experienced trial attorney will set the legal stage for any appeal during trial.

Many cases are often resolved prior to trial by a plea agreement in which the charges are reduced or a term of imprisonment is recommended by the prosecution instead of the death penalty.

An experienced capital murder defense attorney, such as those the Law Offices of Bjorn Brunvand, will develop a reasoned and innovative strategy to set each case up for the most positive disposition possible. Each step will be communicated with the client so that lawyer and client can work as a team in the defense of the charges.

Can You Really Help Me with a Capital Murder Charge or Is This a Lost Cause?

Being charged with capital murder may seem like an insurmountable obstacle. And certainly it’s not a situation in which anyone wants to find themselves. You should not, however, assume that this is a lost cause or that hiring a capital murder defense attorney is a pointless endeavor.

You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. As experienced Tampa capital murder defense attorneys, the Law Offices of Bjorn Brunvand can and will pursue an aggressive defense of your case. We cannot promise any particular outcome but we will always work hard to achieve the best resolution possible in the circumstances.

Clearly, the most hoped-for outcome would be an acquittal at trial or dismissal of charges. The facts of some cases, however, suggest that a different resolution may be the best case scenario. Our capital murder defense attorneys are experienced enough to analyze each case for potential angles to use in plea negotiations, when and if appropriate. We communicate frankly with our clients about the realities of their cases and the court system in the Tampa Bay area. We make no strategic moves though without the consent and understanding of our clients.

And if your case goes to trial, rest assured that you have exceptionally seasoned and skilled trial attorneys working for you.

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