Clearwater, Florida criminal law news and events

Prosecution Pending of Pinellas Prisoner for Possibly Purchasing Personal Products for Peers with Purloined Proceeds

A Clearwater man who is already a guest of the Pinellas County Sheriff stands accused of using stolen credit card numbers to purchase supplies for others within the county’s jail. Robert Bryan Kinzinger was booked into the Pinellas County Jail […]... [Read More]

Clearwater PD: Couple Hid Body of Alleged Murder Victim for Two Weeks

A Clearwater couple are facing charges relating to the murder of their landlord after authorities say the duo slew her and spent two weeks determining how to dispose of the body. Lawrence Edward Cannon and Jennifer Dianne Elam were arrested […]... [Read More]

Clearwater Man Out on Bail on Vehicular Homicide Charges Arrested Again After Allegedly Absconding

A man from Clearwater who is awaiting trial on charges for initiating a car crash that took the life of a school crossing guard was arrested on Friday after he allegedly fled from police while in possession of illegal drugs. […]... [Read More]

Clearwater Woman Apprehended on Suspicion of Torching Car She Thought Belonged to Ex-Boyfriend

A Clearwater woman was arrested on Saturday morning after being recorded while allegedly torching a car she believed belonged to her ex-boyfriend. Nineteen-year-old Carmen Chamblee was arrested by officers from the Clearwater Police Department after a week-long search. She is […]... [Read More]

Pinellas Prosecutors Drop First-Degree Murder Charges in 2014 Homicide

A Clearwater man charged in the murder of a woman whose body was found near the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail was released on Friday after prosecutors dropped the charges against him. Dewayne Jones, who turned 20 almost two months ago […]... [Read More]

Pasco County Man Charged with DUI After Clearwater Crash

Randall Fowler of Holiday, Florida in Pasco County, faces a DUI charge after crashing his pickup truck into a house in Clearwater. He was caught by neighbors as he tried to run away, according to police. Law enforcement said Fowler […]... [Read More]

DNA Challenged in St. Petersburg Double Murder Case

In July 2007, Paula O’Conner and her 15-month-old son, Alijah, were murdered in their St. Petersburg home. Detectives later found a left-handed black glove — covered inside and out with DNA — was found on a couch near her front […]... [Read More]

Clearwater Woman Sentenced to Year in Prison for Student Loan Fraud

Shaneva Boyd of Clearwater was sentenced earlier this month to 12 months and 1 day in federal prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release, for participating in a conspiracy to commit federal student financial aid fraud. The federal court […]... [Read More]

DNA Leads to Arrest in Clearwater Murder Case

A 23-year-old Clearwater man has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Adrianne Robert earlier this month. Thomas Frederick is also charged with stealing Robert’s car after the murder. Robert was found dead by her roommate early July […]... [Read More]

Clearwater Man Charged with DUI with Child in Car

Salvador Rojo Medina was charged this weekend in Clearwater with driving while intoxicated. Clearwater police first alerted to Rojo Medina’s car when he reportedly threw a beer can out the window of his truck window while driving eastbound on Sunset […]... [Read More]

Bond Denied for Two Men Charged in Pinellas Murders

Brothers Isidro and Carlos Jones were denied bond in a newly filed murder charge against them in Pinellas County Circuit Court. The brothers are charged with killing Zorana Lebedic in Clearwater back in September as she rode her bicycle home […]... [Read More]

Clearwater Beach Investor Found Guilty of Fraud

Christopher Alan Stapleton of Clearwater Beach was found guilty this month of conspiracy to commit wire fraud affecting a financial institution and three counts of making false statements to a federally-insured financial institution. According to the testimony and evidence presented […]... [Read More]

Clearwater Woman Sentenced to Prison for Immigration Fraud

Barbara Branks, owner of La Gringa Professional Immigration Services in Clearwater, was sentenced this week to nearly five years in federal prison for filing false asylum applications with United States customs agencies. She was also ordered to forfeit about $816,000 […]... [Read More]

Clearwater Woman Indicted for Immigration Fraud

Barbara Branks, the owner of a Clearwater immigration services business, was indicted last week on federal charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States. Federal prosecutors in Tampa allege she conspired to prepare fraudulent applications for asylum and forged documents […]... [Read More]

Food Stamp Fraud in Clearwater

Maybe it’s just a sign of the nation’s current economic woes but it seems that the Tampa Bay newspapers report more government fraud cases every week. This week, a Clearwater convenience store clerk pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in […]... [Read More]