Japanese Real Estate Businesses And Execs Designated By OFAC Due To Alleged Ties To Yakuza

The Federal government sanctioned two businesses and four individuals in Japan for their alleged involvement with a prominent branch of the Japanese Yakuza.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated Japanese firms Yamaki, K.K. and Toyo Shinyo Jitsugyo K.K., and Japanese nationals Utao Morio, Chikara Tsuda, Yasuo Takagi, and Katsuaki Mitsuyasu due to allegations of their dealings with the Yamaguchi-gumi, which is the Yakuza’s biggest and most important syndicate at present.

Japan’s Yakuza is already under sanction due to a 2011 executive order for its alleged involvement in significant international criminal activity including human trafficking, drug smuggling, weapons trafficking, extortion, and white collar crimes.

Per OFAC, Yamaki, K.K. is a Japanese real-estate firm that owns the parcel in Kobe upon which Yamaguchi-gumi meets. The firm, which is allegedly headed up by Morio and Tsuda, is said to have as shareholders each subsidiary leader, or jikisans, of Yamaguchi-gumi. In addition to owning the syndicate’s headquarters, Yamaki, K.K. is involved in legitimate pursuits including management and leasing of real estate, art sales, and the management of golf driving ranges and parking lots.

Toyo Shinyo Jitsugyo K.K. gained its listing by OFAC due to allegations that it manages the syndicate’s Kobe headquarters. The firm, which is currently owned and controlled by Takagi, was once owned and managed by Mitsuyasu and is also engaged in other legitimate business enterprises, including management, buying, selling, leasing, brokering, and mediation of real estate, money lending business, art sales, and the management of golf driving ranges, parking lots, cafés, and cafeterias.

As a result of OFAC’s designation, the named parties are now legally prohibited from exercising rights to any property within the jurisdiction of the United States, and American citizens are forbidden from knowingly transacting business with them.

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