Trio of Alleged Biker Gang Members Arrested in Connection with Alleged Execution of Rival Gang President

A trio of men alleged to be members of a local outlaw motorcycle club were arrested last week after investigators say they carried out the execution of a member of a rival club.

Pasco County authorities say Paul Anderson was stopped at the intersection of Suncoast Parkway and State Road 54 in afternoon rush-hour traffic when Allan Burt “Big Bee” Guinto, Christopher Brian “Durty” Cosimano, and Michael Dominick “Pumpkin” Mencher pulled up alongside his truck.

The three, all of whom were aboard motorcycles, allegedly hemmed in Anderson’s vehicle. According to investigators Cosimano, who is allegedly the president of the Cross Bayou chapter of the Outlaws, strode up to Anderson’s window and tapped on it to garner his attention. At that point investigators say Cosimano shot and killed Anderson who was allegedly serving as the president of the local chapter of the rival 69ers Motorcycle Club.

The 44-year-old Anderson did not survive the encounter and was declared dead at the scene.

Investigators say they quickly identified Anderson’s alleged assailants because, despite covering their faces, they say they were familiar with the individuals and their motorcycles. Cosimano, 29, was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail before being transferred to Pasco County, where he is currently being held without bail on a charge of first-degree murder.

Fifty-one-year-old New York native Mencher is also being held in Pasco County without bail on a first-degree murder charge. Guinto, who is 26 years old and a native of Puerto Rico, is being held in Pasco County without bail on a single charge of first-degree murder.

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