Three Charged in Brooksville Murder

Three people have been arrested and charged in relation to a weekend stabbing and carjacking in Hernando County, Florida. A day after the attack, deputies arrested Sherrie Dicus, Steven Wesolek and Sabrina Dicus. They are currently in custody.

Enrique Daniel Acevedo and his girlfriend, Skyler Nicholle Collins, both 18, drove to Emerson Road south of Brooksville Sunday to pick up Wesolek, who was Collins’ ex-boyfriend, and some of his friends, according to law enforcement. After the suspects got into Collins’ car, Wesolek allegedly stabbed Acevedo twice in the back of the neck and Sherrie Dicus (mother of Sabrina Dicus) strangled Collins with some sort of ligature until she lost consciousness.

Collins apparently regained consciousness when Acevedo was able to hit the brakes. They stumbled out of the car and Acevedo died on the side of the road as the suspects drove away in Collins’ car. Collins was ultimately taken to a hospital but survived and will make a full recovery.

Deputies tracked Sherrie Dicus using dogs, a helicopter and a signal from her cell phone. She was arrested at about 1am on Monday in Spring Hill. Wesolek and Sabrina Dicus were arrested after they called a friend Monday to ask for a ride from Hernando Beach. The friend was being interviewed by the Sheriff’s Office at the time of the call.

The three suspects have been charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and carjacking with a weapon. The motivation for the attack was apparently to steal the car. The sheriff’s department described the suspects as homeless and involved in the drug trade.

The first-degree murder charge suggests that the alleged crime was premeditated in some manner. The sheriff said Wesolek called Collins and asked for a ride, even offering to pay her for gas. When Collins mentioned she was bringing her new boyfriend, Wesolek allegedly asked how big Acevedo was.

After stealing the car, the suspects apparently planned to drive to Ocala, get $600 from a friend and drive to Ohio to “start a new life.”

If convicted of first-degree murder, the defendants face life in prison or the death penalty (depending on whether the prosecution chooses to pursue capital punishment).


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