Brooksville Man Charged With Felony Drug Possession After Arrest At Fast-Food Drive-Thru Window

A Brooksville man is facing felony drug possession charges after Hernando County deputies stopped him in the midst of ordering a meal from a fast-food restaurant.

Per Hernando County authorities, night watch commander Lt. William Power was inside a local fast-food chain ordering his own meal when he said he smelled the odor of cannabis. Per Power, the odor was entering the restaurant via the drive-thru window, where the vehicle within which Isaiah Unique Shaw was idling.

Power said he left the restaurant and approached the Nissan Versa, which was being driven by an unnamed female. He says he spoke to Shaw, who was seated on the passenger side, and told Shaw that he believed the smell of cannabis was coming from inside. Shaw allegedly told Power that the smell was coming from the vehicle behind them, and Power says he proceeded to that vehicle.

As Power felt that the smell of cannabis weakened as he left the vicinity of Shaw’s car, he returned to it, again noting the smell, which he said was stronger even than the smell of cigarettes and food, which the restaurant delivered to Shaw’s vehicle in the interim.

Power radioed for backup and, upon searching the vehicle, authorities say deputies discovered 110 grams of cannabis in various bags inside. Though Shaw is said to have informed police that the quantity was for his own personal use, Florida law presumes an amount of cannabis of over 20 grams means that the charged individual intends it for distribution.

Shaw was arrested that evening and booked into the Hernando County Jail on a single felony charge of cannabis possession with intent to distribute. He was released early the next morning after posting a bond of $5,000.

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