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Acquitter in the news. Press coverage of cases involving the criminal defense law firm, Bjorn E. Brunvand, P.A.

Brunvand Wins Motion to Have Murder Defendant’s Tattoos Covered During Trial

A circuit judge in Pasco County granted defense attorney Bjorn Brunvand‘s motion to have his client’s tattoos covered during a murder trial scheduled to begin Monday. A makeup artist will apply makeup to cover several potentially offensive tattoos on the […]... [Read More]

Federal Drug Charges Out of Tampa for International Drug Bust

In a scenario all too familiar to Tampa Bay area criminal defense attorney Bjorn Brunvand, the U.S. Attorney’s office has announced federal drug charges against four Colombian nationals related to a drug bust at sea. A federal grand jury has […]... [Read More]

DNA Derails Trial in Teen’s Slaying

His attorneys, William Bennett and Bjorn Brunvand, constructed a defense around the theory that [Phillup Alan Partin]’s longtime friend Fred Kaufman killed the teenager. Partin and his daughter Patrisha were living with Kaufman at his Port Richey home at the […]... [Read More]

Lotto Winner Deemed Incompetent to Stand Trial on Tax Fraud Charges

Defense attorney Bjorn E. Brunvand asserts in court papers that [Alex Toth] has severe psychiatric and medical problems that render him incompetent. According to a letter from physician Gary Levine of Suncoast Total Healthcare, Toth has been involved in “multiple […]... [Read More]

Neo-Nazi Reconsiders, Asks For a Lawyer

[Thane Covert] then appointed private lawyer Bjorn Brunvand to defend [John Allen Ditullio] at both pending trials. Brunvand, who was in court Wednesday after initially being appointed to assist Ditullio, said he needs to handle both cases to provide the […]... [Read More]

Ship Captain Acquitted of Smuggling 3.5 Tons of Cocaine

Criminal defense attorney, Bjorn Brunvand, represented a Ukrainian ship captain who was accused of smuggling $1 Billion worth of illegal drugs into the US. The defendant was acquitted. The odds were against a Ukrainian ship captain and his crew who […]... [Read More]

Mariners Rejoice After Acquittal

Chakhrach, a grandfather from Ukraine, and Zakuradajev, an unmarried man from Lithuania, were hired last year to work 52 hours a week on the Yalta, a rusty Panamanian freighter Chakhrach as the captain and Zakuradajev as the second officer... [Read More]

Shipping Crewmen Acquitted of Drug Charges – Free to Go Home

“Fight the drug war, pay the bill. The Yalta crewmen are free to go home, but their acquittal in Tampa comes at a high price.” TAMPA – A year ago, off the coast of Venezuela, a British war ship intercepted […]... [Read More]

Lawyers Offer Freed Sailors Places to Stay

Most of the sailors will live temporarily in a rental home owned by defense attorney Richard Cox. [Bjorn Brunvand] said the captain, Yuri Chakhrach, will stay with him until he can return to his home in the Ukraine... [Read More]

Woman Charged in Marijuana Growing

A woman who investigators say was entangled in a bizarre love triangle in connection with drugs and arson was arrested Thursday on marijuana cultivation and possession charges... [Read More]