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Acquitter in the news. Press coverage of cases involving the criminal defense law firm, Bjorn E. Brunvand, P.A.

Brunvand Seeks Federal Civil Rights Investigation of Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times, five Tampa Bay area defense lawyers, including Bjorn Brunvand of this office, are seeking a federal civil rights investigation of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office over allegations that narcotics detectives have trespassed and […]... [Read More]

Pinellas Marijuana Case Dismissed After Allegations of Investigator Misconduct

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times earlier this week, dozens of Pinellas County marijuana cases are being reconsidered and possibly dismissed amid allegations that narcotics deputies trespassed and lied to gather evidence. The Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday […]... [Read More]

Plea Agreement Negotiated in Pasco Murder Case

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times, Justin Ash of Zepherhills pleaded guilty last week in Pasco County to second-degree murder with a firearm, avoiding life in prison.  The plea was part of an agreement negotiated by Ash’s defense attorney […]... [Read More]

Palm Harbor Day Care Provider Avoids First-Degree Murder Conviction

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times last month, former Palm Harbor day care provider Stephanie Spurgeon was acquitted of first-degree murder and convicted of a lesser offense, manslaughter, subsequent to the death of 1-year-old Maria Harris in August 2008. […]... [Read More]

Brunvand Defending Pinellas Day Care Owner in First-Degree Murder Case

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times and Channel 8 News, the Pinellas County murder trial of Stephanie Spurgeon began last week. Ms. Spurgeon is being defended by attorneys Bjorn Brunvand and Ron Kurpiers. Ms. Spurgeon is a former Palm […]... [Read More]

Brunvand Represents Robertson in Tampa Federal Murder Trial

James Robertson gave information to prosecutors in 2003 regarding two then-unsolved 1998 homicides in downtown Tampa. He cooperated in an investigation in return for a grant of immunity, something that the government denies. Robertson admitted having witnessed the killing of […]... [Read More]

Pasco Death Penalty Trial Continues; DNA Evidence Presented

The capital murder trial of Derral Wayne Hodgkins continued in Pasco County on Friday. Prosecutors presented DNA evidence to the jury that they argue proves Hodgkins killed Teresa Lodge in her Land O’Lakes apartment in September 2006. Hodgkins wasn’t charged […]... [Read More]

Pasco Death Penalty Retrial Begins

In a murder trial in Pasco County this week, prosecutors told jurors that Teresa Lodge scratched the person who attacked and killed her in Land O’Lakes in September 2006. A year later, law enforcement decided that DNA evidence contained in […]... [Read More]

Ditullio Trial Witness Pleads to Reduced Charge, Sentenced to Time Served

Kraig Constantino was originally charged with attempted murder for allegedly beating and stabbing a man he thought was hitting on his girlfriend, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of felony battery pursuant to a plea agreement this week. He was […]... [Read More]

Pasco Death Penalty Trial Ends with Mistrial

The Pasco County capital murder trial of Derral Hodgkins ended in mistrial today, just before the case was to be submitted to the jury. The jury was chosen last week. Opening statements and testimony began on Friday. The jury was […]... [Read More]