Violent Crimes

Pinellas County Man Represents Himself in Murder Trial

William Chad Routenberg went through three defense attorneys before advising a Pinellas County court that he would represent himself in a first-degree murder trial. The trial started this week. Routenberg claims admits killing his girlfriend in 2011 but claims it […]... [Read More]

Pasco County Woman Charged with Murder of Infant

Authorities in Pasco County charged Chekayla Dampier with second-degree murder. They accuse Dampier of murdering her 7-week old son last April by holding him under a spout of blistering 142-degree water as a punishment for crying. At the time of […]... [Read More]

Pinellas Jury Continues to Deliberate in Capital Murder Trial

The Pinellas Country capital murder trial of Ralph “Ron” Wright Jr. continues this week, the fourth week of trial. The case was submitted to the jury for deliberation and jurors in the trial deliberated for 12 hours before recessing for […]... [Read More]

Lutz Man on Trial for Second-Degree Murder of Wife

Trial began this week in Hillsborough County against 46-year-old Chunping Lin, who is charged with second-degree murder in the 2011 death of his wife Lixin Tian. Tian died in July 2011 after being removed from life support, following a May […]... [Read More]

Inmate Charged in Tampa Murder

Hillsborough County law enforcement used DNA evidence and technology to identify Otano Anton Leggett, currently a Florida state prison inmate, as a suspect in an early 2012 Tampa murder. Leggett is serving a two-year sentence at the Liberty Correctional Institution […]... [Read More]

DNA Challenged in St. Petersburg Double Murder Case

In July 2007, Paula O’Conner and her 15-month-old son, Alijah, were murdered in their St. Petersburg home. Detectives later found a left-handed black glove — covered inside and out with DNA — was found on a couch near her front […]... [Read More]

Eight-Year Sentence for Valrico Manslaughter

In a case we’ve discussed here on this blog in the past, Trevor Dooley, 72 was sentenced this week to eight years in prison after being found guilty by a Hillsborough County jury of the manslaughter death of David James. […]... [Read More]

Mental Competency Challenged in Pasco Murder Case

Last month, we wrote here about a Dade City man accused of stabbing a social worker to death in his apartment and pondered whether there would be a challenge to his mental competency. Our suppositions have turned out to be […]... [Read More]

Dade City Man Charged with First-Degree Murder in Death of Social Worker

Earlier this month, social worker Stephanie Ross died after allegedly being slashed multiple times with a large butcher knife by Dade City resident Lucious Smith. Ross was visiting with Smith to help him manage his Medicaid benefits. She had visited […]... [Read More]

Plant City Man Guilt of Second Degree Murder of Wife

Lawrence Dickey of Plant City was convicted earlier this week of second-degree murder for fatally clubbing his wife Beatrice with a bat in 2011. A Hillsborough County jury deliberated six hours before rejecting the prosecution’s argument that Dickey committed first-degree […]... [Read More]

Hillsborough Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Lottery Winner Murder Case

Dorice “DeeDee” Moore was convicted earlier this week for murdering Abraham Shakespeare in 2009. After the jury returned its verdict, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Emmett Battles sentenced Moore to life in prison for first-degree murder. The state was not seeking the […]... [Read More]

Lottery Winner Murder Trial Begins in Tampa

The trial of Dorice DeeDee Moore, accused of killing a Lakeland lottery winner in 2009, began this week in a Hillsborough Circuit courtroom. Moore is accused of fatally shooting Abraham Shakespeare, who won a $17 million lottery jackpot in 2006. […]... [Read More]

Pasco Traffic Stop Ends in DUI and Battery Charges

An early morning Port Richey traffic stop last Tuesday ended with the arrest of three people, two charges of battery on deputies and one DUI charge. Pasco County deputies stopped David Schumaker near Cochise Lane and Sandalwood Drive at about […]... [Read More]

Jury Deliberates in Valrico Stand-Your-Ground Case

A Hillsborough County jury listed to the evidence against Trevor Dooley and now deliberates to determine whether he is guilty of the death of his neighbor near a Valrico basketball court in 2010. Dooley, a 71-year-old ex-school bus driver is […]... [Read More]

Brandon Couple Sentenced to Life in Prison in Contract Murder Case

A federal court judge in Tampa sentenced Cristie Fay Bottorff and Jerry Alan Bottorff of Brandon this week to three concurrent terms of life in federal prison for the contract murder of Cristie Bottorff’s former husband, Thomas Lee Sehorne, of […]... [Read More]